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About Inner Growth In Silicon Valley

The purpose of these pages is to present spiritual teachings and practices with which I (the webmaster) are intimately familiar with and find to be beneficial to my life. All of these are located within Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. The order of presentation is unimportant. Omega FellowshipYoganandaAdyashanti

Omega Fellowship

Omega Fellowship (also known as the South Bay Center for Conscious Loving) is located in Los Gatos, California. The organization sponsors the following:

People from all over the San Francisco South Bay area attend the groups and use these services. For a schedule of classes and other information, you are invited to visit the Omega Fellowship web site. Baba Nicole Herrick is the facilitator/innovator.

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There is much to learn about life and its mystery. Why are we here? What are we supposed to learn? What happens when we die? How can we experience joy and peace most of the time? Learn about:

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